Our Approach

We’re inspired by a proven approach called LAUNCH that NASA, NIKE, USAID and The U.S. Department of State, as well as Nordic companies and the Danish government, have used to move beyond incremental change and make an impact at a system-wide level.

SAWIT is modeled on LAUNCH’s innovation approach, which brings together local and global stakeholders to:

  • Identify and frame the most pressing challenges facing smallholder farmers in Indonesia
  • Issue an open call for solutions
  • Highlight the most promising solutions at a global Innovation Marketplace in November 2016

Now through October, we’ll be taking the following steps:

  1. Building partnerships across companies, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, governments and donors to ensure   that a diverse range of voices are represented throughout our work.
  2. Hosting a workshop or “Big Think” to understand where and what kind of innovation is needed to promote change among smallholders in the palm oil sector, where the barriers to innovation may lie, and whether there are barriers to adopting more sustainable practices among smallholders and the communities where they live.
  3. Developing a statement outlining the Challenge.
  4. Soliciting solutions to learn more about what we’re looking for and how to get involved.
  5. Selecting, mentoring and featuring solutions at an Innovation Marketplace in November. The Marketplace will bring together industry stakeholders and innovators for 2-3 days of intense coordination and collaboration. Innovators will pitch their ideas and in return benefit from collective advice on ways to maximize business approaches while also receiving commitments for funding, partnership, adoption support and more.
  6. Starting a system of follow up which ensures that commitments identified during the Innovation Marketplace are honored.
  7. Continuing to work together on sustainable palm oil.   

Join the Global Innovation Exchange to connect with innovators, thought leaders, and smallholders, and other resources to further support Indonesia’s palm oil industry to become more inclusive and profitable to smallholders, strengthening rural economies and ecosystems.